Monday, June 17, 2013

I know, I know...

Just a quick update to say that the Geeky Squirrel has not completely disappeared and will be returning very soon! Yes, it has been almost a year since that last time I posted an article, but last summer, just when everything was rocking along with the blog and I was almost finished with the Hobbit series, I got a job! And moved to another state! And had to find somewhere to live! And set up a classroom! Two days before school started! Needless to say, the blog fell by the wayside.

Now, summer vacation is here and I have time to think and write about geeky and squirrely things, so be on the look out for the end of the Hobbit series (once I read back through everything and figure out where I was almost a year ago...), a good bit of Doctor Who, thoughts on the Hobbit movie, and whatever else I connect with/become thoughtful about/feel like. In the mean time, use the tags on the right to take you to topics or areas of fandom that you want to read about while you wait. Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!