How To Read This Blog

There are several ways to read The Geeky Squirrel, depending on your personal interests and reasons for visiting:
  • Chronological - Start with the most recent and go backwards, or use the Blog Archive in the right sidebar to start and the beginning and work your way forwards. With the exception of the Hobbit series, the posts are pretty much stand-alone thoughts.
  • Topical - Use the Tags section of the right sidebar to choose posts related to a particular source or fandom (TV series, movie, book, author, etc.) or a particular topic/theme. 
  • Index of Tags by category, for a quicker way to find something particular than wading through alphabetical tags.
  • (Coming Soon) Index of Scripture References mentioned within blog posts.
  • Hobbit Series - Links to all the posts written for my 2012 Hobbit read-through in book order. 
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