So one day, I was cruising down the Interstate and rocking out to an album of Doctor Who parody songs when one particular song caught my attention. It was about "The Doctor's Wife," one of my favorite episodes of Series 6 (if not of all time), and it made me think especially about a key conversation in that episode and how the ideas the characters were discussing could also apply to life as a Christian, particularly my personal faith journey at that point (you can read all about in the first blog post).

Then I began to think (long car trips by oneself are great for that) about something that happened when I was in college. One Tuesday night, a friend of the campus minister came to speak at the weekly Baptist Student Union meeting, and her topic was faith and movies. We watched a number of short clips from a wide variety of films - from Forest Gump to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - and discussed what each scene had to say about religion, belief, and God. We discovered that He is there, even in secular movies where He is never mentioned by name (except maybe in the swearing), and that was the basis of the speaker's challenge to us: look for God everywhere, whether or not the subject matter is overtly or explicitly Christian.

I remember that advice occasionally, although not nearly as frequently as I should, probably. Sometimes, though, as I'm immersed in a favorite TV show, movie, or book, I hear God's voice as clear as day, making a point that I need to hear. I am a fan of many things in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, and I have found that yes, God speaks to geeks also, even though magic or a heavy focus on rational scientific thought might at first seem to preclude any faith discussions. The purpose of this blog is to share some of the places I have found God in galaxies far, far, away, during epic, mythical quests, and while traveling through time and space. Every other week (at the moment - sometimes Life gets in the way, you know how it is), I publish a short devotional thought related to something I have seen or read in the sci fi or fantasy universe. My prayer is that readers may hear God speak, even in the most unlikely of places, and that they may learn to look for Him, even in the most unlikely situations. Come to think of it, that's my prayer for myself as well....

Happy Geeking Out!
~Ann (The Geeky Squirrel)

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