Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Experiment

I have an Evernote notebook of ideas for the blog, but deciding what to write about is still often a challenge, especially now that I have finished blogging through The Hobbit. Going by the book gave me a nice structure to follow and left me with at least one thing I didn't have to worry about - the "now what?" question that follows each blog post. To give myself some structure and remove at least one stressor (for me) of blog writing, I have decided to try an experiment. I am going to attempt to let the scripture passages of the Lectionary each week guide my choice of topic, either by drawing me to something I have already made note of, or by leading me to think of appropriate SF examples that fit one of the scripture references. I figure with four choices each week I ought to be able to figure something out!

If it works, great! If not, I'll figure something else out. It very well may be that some weeks the given passages don't give me anything to write about, and that's ok, too - inspiration comes from many places after all. I hope you'll continue to join me on the journey, whichever direction the path may take!

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